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Angels In Progress  is a homeless outreach ministry, which has been serving South San Diego County for the past decade. Our mission is simply to Make Progress towards bringing the moral teachings of Jesus Christ into the values expressed by our community, towards making a heaven out of Earth. We Progress our dream through reaching out to the members of our communities who lack the resources to provide their families or themselves with the comforts of home and stability during the holiday seasons. We started out providing for just 30 people, but we have grown these past 10 years.

Christmas Eve 2015, we fed 300 people! (click to read more)

This is only the beginning. We pray for the future guidance to extend assistance wider and further outward to those who are less fortunate. Meaningful change will only arise from within our communities, from within each of us by making the choice for Progress. AiP is 100% supported by selfless volunteers and donation from family, friends, business associates, and community support.

We cannot express ample gratitude towards the contributors who have helped us get to this point. Thank you.


If you feel the desire to Progress yourself, Progress your communities, and ultimately Progress the world, then please contact us.

Let’s work together.

We give all the glory to God the father and Jesus Christ the son.

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